IFTI holds a Symposium in cooperation with ASIRC


The Federation of of Takaful and Islamic Insurance Companies held a symposium in cooperation with the Association of Sudanese Insurance and Reinsurance Companies on Wednesday July 20, 2016 at the Union of Sudanese Banks in Khartoum.
Three papers were presented:
1) The Role of Capital in Islamic Insurance Companies.

Moderator: Mr. Osman El Hadi
Presented by: Mr. Omar Farouk and commented by: Mr. Abdul Rahim Hamdi
2) Investment in Islamic insurance companies.

Moderator: Mr. Hassan El Sayed
Presented by: Mr. Mohamed Abdeen and commented by: Dr. Taha El Tayeb
3) The Zakat Standard in the Islamic Insurance Companies.

Moderator: Mr. Abdul Hamid Othman Al Osmali
Presented by Sheikh Ibrahim Al Dareer and commented by: Dr. Abdel Moneim Al-Qoussi
Mr. Salah, IFTI Managing Director participated in the Symposium and presented a paper on investment.
The Symposium was attended by scholars, jurists, academics, economists and insurance experts and a number of senior officials in the sectors of banking and supervisory boards, and relevant government bodies and employees.