Al Baraka Insurance takes measures to reduce agricultural losses and the Agricultural Bank praises


Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khozami, Assistant General Manager for Subscription, Risk, and Agricultural Insurance of Al-Baraka Insurance Company said that they have secured more than 100,000 acres for the winter season in Al-Jazira and Halfa schemes for the 2016-2017 season. He mentioned that the total summer season area was 27,000 acres in agricultural schemes of Al-Jazira,  Halfa, East Sinnar, and Al-Shimaliya for cotton and vegetables crops. Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khozami pointed out that the financing of these areas was by the Agricultural Bank of Sudan and its branches in Al-Jazira State and the United Capital Bank.

Al-Khozami said that during the summer-planting season for the year 2016 - 2017 there have been no cases of compensation and the claims decreased by 98% compared to the year 2015, attributing this to the Company's efforts to reduce the risk by using excess water pumps to avoid drowning, and the use of irrigation pumps to avoid the risk of thirst, and fight agricultural pests using hand spray for three months.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Khozami pointed out that the Agricultural Bank of Sudan - Al-Jazira sector praises Al-Baraka Insurance Company as the first insurance Company to fulfill its obligations towards farmers before the end of 2016, which confirms the Company's credibility.